Child Custody Evaluation

Child Custody Evaluation - Florida Home Study Services

A child custody evaluation aka Social Investigation is conducted as part of some child custody cases. During the child custody evaluation both parents will be evaluated.

The Social Investigator will outline all of their findings and recommendations in a report that is presented to the Court. In addition, the social investigator will submit a proposed parenting plan that best fits the needs of the children.

As part of the child custody evaluation process the social investigator will meet with the parents, children, and any other occupants of the home. We will conduct a home visit and go through a detailed history of the parent’s history to include the current course case. Our goal is to represent the best interest of the child and maintain a neutral relationship with the parents during the process.

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To start a Social Investigation we require a $2500 retainer and our hourly rate is $125.00. The final cost will vary depending on the specific nature of your case. Any unused retainer will be returned after the completion of your Investigation.

Total Cost Varies